Before you start searching homes for sale, explore Emerald Coast to find the perfect spot in your ideal community.


The quiet and tranquility of this Florida town is home to both classical beach homes to contemporary and moderate vacation rentals. Centered on nature this community embraces its low density style with more full time residents than tourists.

Rosemary Beach

Beautifully designed community of Rosemary has made a name for itself for being so lively. Known for its community events and secret walking paths that lead to destinations all over the area. Rosemary has become a staple community in 30A gaining more travelers every year.

 Dune Allen

Known for its environmental anomaly of costal dunes which can only be found in New Zealand, Australia, and Madagascar. These lakes are special because they are located along the gulf, when heavy rains the sand that separates them is compromised and fresh water is able to breach  letting fresh water flow into the gulf, once the rain stops and allows the lake to stabilize with an influx of seawater creating a brackish environment.

 Grayton Beach

One of the first beach communities in 30A the laid back cool motif offered by this beach community can be seen in its roots that it has stayed true to. In 1930 with the construction of US Highway 98 the town was able to be reached by more people and is now home to fishing captains, dot com millionaires, and famous song writers.